We Head for the Horizon and Return with Bloodshot Eyes, Podcastle: Artemis Rising, forthcoming
Darkness, Our Mother, Clarkesworld, December 2017
Time won’t matter. Time won’t be a ball of yarn anymore, unraveling moment after moment, but a nautilus making spirals, where you can cut across and be in different moments at the same time.
Dysfunctional families, unconditional sibling love, angry women and algebraic topology. (sci-fantasy, 5,800 words)
Think of Winter, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, January 2017
Little clairvoyant child lives alone in an abandoned cathedral. Everything goes wrong when the Knight arrives. (fantasy, 2,900 words) e-book | audio
All Dead Things Shall Come To Me, Liminality, forthcoming
A Planet’s Soliloquy in Midwinter, Eye To The Telescope, October 2017
Haunted, fliqped magazine, June 2017
On living with endometriosis and its ghosts.
Homecoming, fliqped magazine, January 2016
Re-printed in Crossing Genres, April 2016
Memories of home are tucked in every memory of every place–they are made into an alphabet of remembering.
Name Topographyfliqped magazine, November 2015
Stories of migration, geographies of belonging, and the power of naming.