Without Exile, Clarkesworld, April 2018.

The Athuran Interpreter’s Flight, Strange Horizons, forthcoming.

We Head for the Horizon and Return with Bloodshot Eyes, Podcastle, March 2018.
Greek Civil War, queer ladies, chatty entrails.
(fantasy, 6,000 words) audio


Darkness, Our Mother, Clarkesworld, December 2017
Minoan space opera-myth. Ariadne’s story retold with additional decadence, dysfunctional families, unconditional sibling love, spaceships and algebraic topology.

(sci-fantasy, 5,800 words) print issue | e-bookaudio

Think of Winter, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, January 2017
Little clairvoyant child lives alone in an abandoned cathedral. Everything goes wrong when the Knight arrives. Language and unlikely friendships in the shadow of colonialism.

(fantasy, 2,900 words) e-book | audio


All Dead Things Shall Come To Me, Liminality, March 2018

A Planet’s Soliloquy in Midwinter, Eye To The Telescope, October 2017